Technical support to Pallisa and Bushenyi Districts on GBV-GCF Pilot Project

Main Objective of the Technical support:

  1. Deepen Participants knowledge and skill to integrate GBV prevention in
    the Broader GCF work
  2. strengthen referral pathway members’ skills to provide survivor centered services to survivors of GBV: and deepen community facilitators knowledge on GBV and its connection to climate change: and strengthen
    their skills to conduct informal GBV prevention Activities
  3. Three days follow-up training for 18 district level staff(each district) from 12th to 14th October 2021
  4. Four days capacity building for 25 members of the referral pathway(each district) including the members of the grievance handling Mechanism for GCF from 19th-22nd October 2021
  5. Five days training of 60 community facilitators(Ethical exit with the selected team from Bushenyi and Pallisa districts.
  6.  Monitoring and documentation led by Applied Research Bureau(ARB)from  12th to 29th October 2021

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