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CEDOVIP and Raising Voices publish the SASA! Study popular Report

CEDOVIP and its partner Raising Voices have Published a popular report of the findings from the SASA! Study: a cluster randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of a community mobilization intervention to prevent violence against women and reduce HIV risk in Kampala, Uganda

The report named “Is violence against women preventable?’ Findings from the SASA!
Study summarized for general audiences. The publication that will be disseminated starting February 2016 aims at offering the findings in a simpler version for general audiences.

The SASA! Cluster randomized trial was conducted between November 2007 and May 2012 in two administrative divisions of Kampala; Makindye and Rubaga. The results from this study showed that SASA! reduced the reported social acceptance of physical violence in relationships among both women and men. The intervention also increased the social acceptance of the belief that there are circumstances when a woman can refuse sex with her partner.