SASA! in Action

Where SASA! is at work

Organizations, institutions and groups are using SASA! all over Africa and beyond. Although SASA! looks different in each community there are also basic components that remain the same. Primarily the practice of phasing in ideas over time, reaching out to a cross section of community members, focusing activities and discussions around power and having community members and leaders at the forefront of all efforts.

SASA! is currently being used in 13 countries by more than 35 organizations and institutions in various contexts and settings such as:

  • Refugee camps and settlements
  • Pastoralist communities
  • High-density urban communities
  • Catholic and Muslim faith-based institutions
  • Rural communities
  • Post-conflict communities

In 2010, Raising Voices, in partnership with CEDOVIP, began working with the following national and regional partners as part of a 3 year intensive technical support partnership.


  • Coalition on Violence against Women (COVAW), Kenya
  • Women against Rape (WAR), Botswana
  • CARE, Burundi
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC), Ethiopia
  • Kivulini Women’s Rights Organization, Tanzania


  • American Refugee Council (ARC), Uganda
  • CESVI, Uganda
  • Lira Women & Children Development Initiative Transit Shelter, Uganda
  • Uganda Network on Law, Ethics and HIV (UGANET), Uganda
  • Soroti Catholic Diocese/Trocaire, Uganda
  • Oxfam and Child Concern Initiatives Organization (CCIO), Uganda
  • Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), Uganda
  • Uganda National Health Users/Consumers’ Organization (UNHCO), Uganda

Our partners have just conducted their community mid-term assessments to determine changes in community perceptions as a result of SASA! programming. Read about what we learned:

  • COVAW Midterm Assessment
  • Kivulini Midterm Assessment
  • ARC Midterm Assessment
  • LIRA WOCDI Midterm Assessment
  • UGANET Midterm Assessment
  • Soroti Midterm Assessment
  • Oxfam Midterm Assessment

Currently, Raising Voices has provided technical support to over 50 organizations in more than 15 countries using SASA! in their communities and interest continues to grow.