Key Programme Areas

What We Do

From its work with Raising Voices, CEDOVIP knows that approaches that seek to transform gender relationships and challenge the way that people think about and use their power are the most effective. CEDOVIP has also learned that it is crucial to collaborate with duty bearers in key sectors such as the police, health workers, legal officers, judicial officers, prosecutors, schools, community groups, men, and education institutions.

Programmes that integrate social norm change, strengthening the capacity of institutions to change practice so as to create a supportive environment for survivors of violence, with coordinated legal action, seem to have the greatest impact. Our current strategic plan for 2015-2019 guides our footsteps as we ensure a better impact in preventing VAW/G through the following core programme areas and goals.

Core Area One: Mobilizing Communities and Inspiring Activism to Prevent and Respond to VAW/G

We want to inspire community activism to prevent and respond to VAW/G; creating communities where VAW/G is not acceptable.

Core Area Two: Strengthening Prevention and Response to VAW/G by Institutions

We aim to influence practices of civil society, government departments, and local institutions to strengthen the quality of prevention efforts and response services for violence against women and girls.

Core Area Three: Advocacy for Better Implementation of Existing Laws and Policies Specific to Issues of Violence Against Women and Girls, and For Passage of New, More Effective Ones

To influence policies within local and national governments so as to ensure that women and girls who experience violence are able to access justice.

Core Area Four: Multimedia Campaign on Violence Against Women

CEDOVIP engages in various communications efforts to bolster programmematic activities, by spreading messages to educate the public on the causes and consequences of VAW/G. This intends to spark reflection and discussion and to inform people about how to prevent and respond to cases of violence.