Frequently Asked Questions

Where is CEDOVIP located?

Does CEDOVIP take interns?

Is CEDOVIP on Social Media?

If I am a victim of violence, who should I contact?

Does CEDOVIP help survivors?

Does CEDOVIP take on donations?

How can I become involved with CEDOVIP’s work?

How common is violence against women and girls?

Does gender-based violence only affect poor communities?

Does domestic violence only happen when someone flies out of control?

Is domestic violence caused by drugs and alcohol?

Is domestic violence only physical?

Is it okay for a neighbor or a friend to call the police when they know someone who is experiencing violence?

Is there an alternative for victims of intimate partner violence and sexual violence who do not want to call the police?

Are both parties responsible in domestic violence situations?

Don’t women abuse men just as often as men abuse women?

If women are treated as equal to men in a relationship, won’t it cause more domestic violence?

If women have an income generating job or a job that produces higher income than their husbands, aren’t they more likely to disrespect their husbands?

Do women take the issue of equal rights with men as an excuse to disrespect men and create an opportunity to misbehave?

When a woman reports her husband, doesn’t it cause embarrassment to a man and a woman? It is better to endure the violence than to face embarrassment from the community.

Haven’t women grown stubborn from the increased governmental attention?

Will the Domestic Violence Act 2010 break up families?

Do women actually mean yes when they say no to sex? They never seem to be sure of what they want.

Can a man rape his own wife?

Are women to blame for rape, especially when they dress provocatively?

Are rapists usually mentally ill?

Can women with strong morals get raped?

Can men be victims of rape, too?