Core Area Four

Multimedia Campaign on Violence Against Women / Girls

Core Area Four: Multimedia Campaign on Violence Against Women & Girls (VAW/G)

CEDOVIP engages in various communications efforts to bolster programmatic activities, by spreading messages to educate the public on the causes and consequences of VAW/G. This intends to spark reflection and discussion and to inform people about how to prevent and respond to cases of violence. The campaign aims to raise people’s awareness of issues of VAW/G and ultimately encourage them to question gender norms.

CEDOVIP conducts a multimedia campaign on VAW/G to target community members with coordinated messages through a variety of communication channels. Additionally, the organisation works directly with media personnel so that they develop a better understanding of issues surrounding VAW/G. CEDOVIP educates them on why and how they should cover VAW/G in a way that raises awareness without doing harm. We also run a communications materials campaign.