Core Area Two

Strengthening Prevention and Response to VAW/G by Institutions

Core Area Two: Strengthening Prevention and Response to VAW/G by Institutions

We aim to influence practices of civil society, government departments, and local institutions to strengthen the quality of prevention efforts and response services for violence against women and girls.

1. Strengthening Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) VAW/G programming

  • Partnering with Raising Voices to provide technical support to CSOs implementing SASA! methodology
  • Establishment of a functional Learning Centre, where CEDOVIP and Raising Voices provide courses on SASA! and VAW/G to  activists organisations to strengthen their capacity to implement effective VAW/G prevention programming
  • Improving CSO’s response to VAW/G survivors:CEDOVIP coordinates a VAW/G referral network among institutions and practitioners working to prevent and respond to cases of VAW/G.CEDOVIP also provides these organizations with the knowledge and skills to fully understand the causes and consequences of VAW/G, as well as how to provide survivor-centred services.

2. Strengthening Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development (MoGLSD) and Local Government on VAW/G prevention in Busoga sub-region

  • CEDOVIP directly engages with MoGLSD and equips local government officials with skills to prevent and respond to VAW/G using the SASA! model
  • Partnering with the ministry to ensure that government officials are trained to understand key policies and frameworks, including the Gender Policy, the National HIV Prevention Strategy 2011-2015, and the Domestic Violence Act (DVA)
  • Influences MoGLSD and officials in Busoga sub-region to lead efforts to prevent and respond to VAW/G.

3. Institutional strengthening

A. Working with the health sector:-

  • CEDOVIP influences the health sector to ensure that health care providers are able to give satisfactory treatment to women and girls who have experienced violence
  • We influence health units to provide comprehensive response services  to survivors of violence

B. Working Under Police Force

CEDOVIP influences the Uganda Police Force to respond effectively and ensure victim safety and perpetrator accountability, including when cases of violence are reported at the police stations