Who We Are

Our Work, Goal, Mission, Vision…

Who We Are

Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) works with communities, institutions, civil society and the government, to promote the rights of women and girls so as to create safer, healthier, and happier relationships, homes and communities. The work aims to create change in the attitudes, behavior, and practices that perpetuate Violence Against Women and Girls (VAW/G) in Uganda.



To transform the power imbalance in intimate relationships through awareness raising, collective visioning, and concerted efforts among community members


Existence of violence-free relationships

Our Goal

Building a movement to prevent violence against women and girls in Uganda

To accomplish our goal(s), CEDOVIP focuses on mobilizing communities to prevent and respond to VAW/G; strengthening prevention and response to VAW/G by civil society organizations, government, local institutions, and institutions of learning; and advocacy for better implementation of existing laws and policies, as well as for passage of new, more effective laws and policies