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COMING SOON! New poster that guides violence against women survivors on how to access police services.

February 13, 2019 12:07 pm | Published by Cedovip

CEDOVIP in partnership with the Child and Family Protection Department of the Uganda Police Force has developed a poster which provides information for survivors of domestic violence on how to access police services and what to expect in the process of reporting case.  The Poster which has been printed will be disseminated to across the Police regions beginning February 2019 to different police stations andcommunity hubs.

Domestic violence is a crime, but women are often afraid to seek justice out of fear of police procedures and concern for their safety. This poster aims at building knowledge of the survivors of what their rights  are in the process of accessing  justice at any police station, what the role of the police officer is in the case and where to seek support incase her case is mishandled or mistreated