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DVA awareness training

November 4, 2014 2:36 pm | Published by Cedovip

CEDOVIP is working with partners and domestic violence coalition members to create awareness among community members about the DVA in several districts to enable community members to learn about the DVA and demand for its implementation. i.e

UGANET will be training and holding dialogues with duty bearers i.e. Police, LCs, health workers and community members in Palisa, Gulu and Ntungamo. They will hold radio programs for wider awareness raising about the DVA.

AWARE Uganda will continue raising awareness among the Uganda People’s Defense Forces officers and community members in Kabong

LIWOCRDI in Lira, and ADOVIC in Jinja will continue strengthen work with community activists and 90 community action groups comprising of teachers, women leaders, faith leaders, local council leaders, leaders of village savings and loans associations in weekly meetings to discuss how what the DVA is, who it is for and the role of each category of community members in the implementation of the DVA.