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Former ED Ms Tina Musuya gives a farewell message

December 11, 2021 8:49 am | Published by Cedovip

It has been 16 years since I joined CEDOVIP and worked closely with Raising Voices to prevent violence against women in Uganda, one of the most pervasive forms of injustice against women that is highly tolerated and ignored. Our dream was to address the root cause of violence against women and transform how people think, behave and relate with each other in their relationships, communities and how institutions can be intentional at creating a supportive environment that prioritizes the safety of survivors and also holds perpetrators accountable to their actions. As our dream came to life, we on boarded many partners, allies, activists, policy makers and donors, all walking with us as we journeyed the CEDOVIP path together.

This has been a life changing journey! There have been stressful times, of course, but most importantly great accomplishments and progress. Our journey has taken us across households, communities, policy making spaces, global forums and institutions, and we are still moving forward. Our guiding star has been one vision: An equal and just world where women and girls are free from violence and the threat of violence. I feel exceedingly privileged to have played a role in contributing to what works to prevent violence against women.

I must admit that it is with mixed feelings that I am stepping down from my role as Executive Director for Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, and my last day at CEDOVIP is today the 10th December 2021. But I also recognize that it is time for me to move on and create space for a new set of skills/leaders to take CEDOVIP to another level in preventing violence against women.

I leave with gratitude. The best part of this journey for me has been the joy of working with an amazing group of exceptionally talented, creative and dynamic – mainly feminist and activist team. To all my immediate CEDOVIP and Raising Voices colleagues, Board Members, Partners, allies, policy makers, government departments let me say that I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and commitment on this journey, and for making such a success of it all, through the smooth and successful times as well as the challenging times. And I will forever be indebted to the support of the donors, friends and allies who have walked with us on this path.

I leave with pride at our accomplishments, across all our programs, but particularly our success in creating models that work to prevent violence against women and; successful advocacy for outlawing domestic violence in Uganda, growing a base of activists who are leading a process of change with in various communities and institutions to create an enabling ecosystem that prevents violence against women and along the way, we have also made a powerful impact on the way programming on prevention of violence against women is viewed across the continent and the world.

Not least, I leave with full confidence that CEDOVIP is transitioning into good hands with Ms. Hawa Kagoya is stepping in as the Interim Executive Director (formerly the Programs manager) and Josephine Kamisya is stepping in as Interim Programs Manager (formerly a Senior program officer- they are both copied on to this communication) this is exciting and fantastic news. They are both an accomplished team who have been leading CEDOVIP in different capacities, with your support and encouragement I believe that they will smoothly lead CEDOVIP to greater success!

I’m so thrilled for the next chapter in the leadership of CEDOVIP. Both CEDOVIP staff and the Board are beyond competent and excited to envision new horizons for preventing violence against women in Uganda. Please stay connected. It’s very exciting to see what will emerge in the coming months and years

Finally, it is with great joy that I can say I will not be leaving you all completely. Although I am stepping back from my role as Executive Director of CEDOVIP I am joining Social Development Direct as Co-Lead Learning Partnership Team for the What Works: Impact at Scale Programme.
Whether with a formal title or not, CEDOVIP will forever be a part of me, and you can count on me to contribute to its success in whatever way I can.

Wishing you all the best.

Tina Musuya