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Local Actvism CEDOVIP partners with 136 community activists to conduct SASA! Community outreach activities

November 4, 2014 12:24 pm | Published by Cedovip

Throughout the month of October, CEDOVIP in partnership with 136 community activists from Busega, Ndeeba, Najjankumbi in Lubaga division and Wabigalo, Kibuli, Ggaba in Makindye division will conduct SASA! Community outreach activities including, poster discussions and participatory drama shows to enable men and women to learn more about the benefits of balancing power as a couple and the connection between Violence Against women (VAW) and HIV/AIDs

On 28th and 30th October, CEDOVIP will conduct a one day collaboration training with 250 activists i.e. Community activists, Sengas, Local leaders, Drama group members, Police and health care workers from Makindye and Lubaga Division. This aims at strengthening SASA! team’s efforts to address VAW through performing different but complementing roles.

In the same process the activists will plan to intensify community outreach activities for the upcoming the 16 days of activism campaign which starts from 25th November to 10th December, Such activities include Ludo board discussions, poster facilitation, snakes and ladders etc