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Susan’s Eulogy

September 22, 2020 12:52 pm | Published by Cedovip

Introductory Remarks

Good morning colleagues, on behalf of UN Women’s implementing partners and colleagues in CSO, we were deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Ms. Susan Oregede. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and her family

Like many of us here today, I got to know Susan many years ago through work to prevent VAW and promotion of gender equality (IRC, Oxfam and then UN Women) where she was a (resourceful, passionate and hardworking activist to prevent VAW and promotion of gender. Helpful and friendly ) colleague and I know I speak for all of her close colleagues and partners in civil society when I say that we are still in shock and very heartbroken by her sudden death, we have lost a dear friend and valued colleague, Susan will be missed very much. I’m glad to have this opportunity to share just a few of my memories of Susan with you.

2. Share Some Memories

One of the best things about having Susan as a colleague was that she strongly believed that women and men have equal worth and value, this drove her deep passion to transform the communities, families, work places, the justice system  through preventing VAW and promoting gender equality, addressing the structural causes of the injustices against women and children. 

  • She was always prepared to inspire you and give you the support you needed to navigate this hard terrain of preventing VAW (she would practically hand walk you to all  key offices and give you a hand – something I’ve been grateful for myself on numerous occasions, and I know I’m not alone in that. 
  • Just having Susan around made you feel better, she was generous, whatever the challenge, many of the conversations I had with her about everyday life and experiences of women and girls turned into programming at various levels, the sky was the limit for her innovations 
  • we all got to know her quick smile and ever ready words of encouragement, Tina first take some coffee, think about what we have been discussing we can do it, let us try it, it is not as hard as you think. With her persuasive skills saying no to Susan was hard to come by. 

3. The Deceased Person’s Legacy

With Susan it’s true she was a strong pillar in the women’s movement. She touched many lives and has left big shoes for us to fit in, at the community level, among the corporate groups, government institutions, women’s rights organizations, academia etc; she put women and uganda first, she worked tirelessly and endlessly to make life better and fair for women and girls. She has left behind a very real legacy, which will affect the way we do things in civil society and women’s movement for a very long time to come. 

On a personal level, everyone of us who knew Susan and worked alongside her whether things were going well or badly her energy and passion for her work remained high. We will remember her with great affection. 

Colleagues like Susan are something very special and a rare gift; you don’t come across many of them and when you do, they leave a lasting impression. 

Susan we are very grateful for your life, thank you for your great contribution to gender equality in Uganda, the support and inspiration you gave to each one of us, we promise not to disappoint you. We’re really going to miss you. 

May Susan’s soul rest in eternal peace.